I am officially (re)documenting my attempts to experiment in my kitchen, recipes from said attempts, experiences at local & international eateries, and (maybe even) a general thought or two on food/life.

My inspiration and ideas mostly come from my cravings on any given day, and I try my hardest to modify my recipes to be as healthy as they can be while still being super flavorful. While health isn’t exactly my primary focus of this blog, I generally try to cook things that both taste good and are good for me. My favorite recipes tend to be Italian or Greek-inspired (with the occasional Asian dish/stir fry in there). I’m all about the mediterranean diet (again, not for weight-loss purposes, just for taste purposes); I love fresh, simple ingredients and TONS of OLIVE OIL.

While I love to cook delicious food, I also love to eat delicious food that has been cooked for me by someone else that is a professional. In true “foodie” fashion, I thought it could also be fun to visually document some inspiring meals and treats I’ve had from local restaurants around Denver (my new home base), San Francisco (my old hood / foodie heaven), and wherever else I am visiting or traveling. Kind of like an inspiration-board / trip down memory lane.

This is a project of a mostly practical nature (to document my recipes & food adventures for the future), but when I think about it, it is also a project that is part of my personal process for self-discovery and development.

I started this blog over a year ago, posted two recipes, and quit. Why did I quit? I’ve been asking myself the same thing, and here’s what I came up with:

  • I was super busy working hard at a job that didn’t fit my goals/personality, I was tired all of the time from my long commute for said job, and felt at the time like this blog could be the creative outlet that would fix all of the bad stuff for me, or at least make it better. It did not.
  • I didn’t think I was good enough, or deserving enough, to have this blog. I thought stuff like this:
    • “What makes me an expert on cooking? Even if I preface my about section with a disclaimer, such as, ‘I’m no expert but…’ why would anyone want to read this anyway?”
    • “Some of my friends are way better at cooking than me. Some of my friends are also WAY better writers than me. They are going to judge me/make fun of me/give me shit… Especially my college friends that have never seen me do more than fry an egg”
    • “What if my recipes are a fluke? What if they only taste good to me?”
    • “What if nobody cares? What if this blog just reinforces the fact that I ultimately came into this world and will ultimately leave this world totally, and completely, alone?” (melodramatic, I know).
  • My blog was completely “secret”** so this could be no-pressure situation for me, which made it a lot easier to quit. Sometimes as a cute fun fact I would tell people I had a “secret food blog”, but then they would say they actually wanted to read it and I would change the subject. I know, that’s pretty dumb, right? Well you see, I’ve never put something so personal on the internet, publicly, before. And it can be scary, even for an ESFP like me!

**By “secret” I mean that the blog was still completely public but had 0 views so it was really, really hard to find on the web. I tried once.. and it was on the 2nd page of Google Search aka THE ABYSS…

So, why did I finally decide to give this a “re-do”?

  • “I quit my job. I traveled, I saw things, I felt inspired”. While all of those things are true (to some extent), I honestly just want to practice writing, and write more regularly.
  • I also want to learn more about WordPress.
  • I like taking artsy photos of food. Call me “basic” all you want. HI HATERS I C U.
  • I should probably start writing down my recipes somewhere.
  • Even though I’m not any sort of expert, I really do enjoy cooking and I think I am generally good at making food that tastes good, even if it is simple and easy.
  • While self-discovery & development is always a process, always in flux, I feel like I’m at a lot better point mentally than I was before (even though I didn’t realize it then). I want to do something creative for creativity’s sake, not as a way to escape some other stuff that’s going on or even to use it as a “fun fact” to impress somebody.
  • I am challenging myself to follow through with this. I always have tons of ideas of things I want to do, write, be – and they change almost daily. This can be very liberating but it can also be, at times, quite paralyzing. It can be a challenge not only to decide which thing to start and then actually get up the cajones to start it, but especially to continue with a thing once I’ve started it even if I get bored or lazy.

Wow, this “About” section turned into something way more in depth than I expected.

Well, I guess all I have left to say is, “Mangia!” Just kidding.

Feel free to comment, write, etc, whatever!






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