On The Town

International [Food] Love

“You put it down like New York City  Singapore

I never sleep wild like Los Angeles Cairns, Australia

My fantasy hotter than Miami Queenstown, New Zealand, I feel the heat

Oh oh oh oh it’s international love
Oh oh oh oh it’s international love”

-Pitbull / Nicole

I just wanted to take a second to recognize the ever-impressive, surprisingly cosmopolitan lyrical stylings of Pitbull and use his musical genius as a segue into this blog post about some FOOD on my trip DOWN UNDAAA.

While I tried a ton of incredible local treats during my recent trip to Singapore / Australia / New Zealand, I wanted to point out some of the highlights (aka the food I remembered to take pictures of):

Singapore: The Chili Crab

Singaporean Chili Crab

As anyone who has been to Singapore will tell you, Chili Crab is a MUST if you’re traveling to Singapore. The special Chili rub in combo with the fresh crab was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before. 

Let me warn you, however, that Chili Crab is not for the faint of tastebuds; it is spicy AF! Chili Crab IS great for those who hate keeping their food exclusively on their plate while they are eating; your food will be literally everywhere! It’s a messy dish, quite comparable to the “crack it yourself” style of crab you would eat at the Shore or in Maryland, with the additional mess of (delicious) Chili gunk all over it. More napkins please?

Finally, *always* inquire about pricing and size of crab (two of us split the crab and needed an appetizer as well to actually be full), even if it’s your last night in Singapore and you haven’t eaten for 7+ hours and you’re starving. Singapore is expensive and food is no exception – this baby cost us like $70 SGD ($50 USD).

I will also politely decline from stating the name of this restaurant because the service was so terrible that I honestly can’t remember what it was called.

Cairns, Australia: The Australian Sampler

Dundee’s Waterfront Dining

Australian Sampler Platter

From Left to Right: Emu Chipolatas (Sausages), Kangaroo Skewers, Tiger Prawn Skewers, Char-grilled Eye Filet, Crocodile Tail Skewers, and Wild Barramundi (white fish).

Let’s do like locals tourists do and eat crazy animals! 

Emu Chipolatas (sausages): 

  • Rating – 3/5
  • Consistency – more oily and softer than a normal sausage
  • Flavor – Salty!

Kangaroo Skewers:

  • Rating – 4/5
  • Consistency – chewier than expected, perfect for someone who likes their meat a bit more well-done.
  • Taste – Gamey and delicious

Tiger Prawn Skewers

  • Rating – 5/5 (favorite seafood)
  • Tiger Prawn vs. Normal Prawn (image)
  • Tastes virtually the same as very fresh, delicious shrimp (albeit a bit larger)

Char-Grilled Eye Fillet:

  • Rating – 5/5 (favorite meat)
  • Eye fillet is the same as a Tenderloin in terms of section of cow.
  • Ah-mah-zing. Cooked medium rare (aka perfection).

Crocodile Tail Skewers:

Wild Barramundi Fish (a white fish): 

  • Rating – 3/5
  • Consistency – on the oily side, comparable to sea bass
  • Taste – very flavorful but not my preferred taste


Queenstown, NZ: Green-Lipped Mussels

Captains Restaurant Queenstown


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for seafood, especially shellfish. Boy was I in heaven when I heard that green-lipped mussels are a staple among the local cuisine in QT. Don’t let their discolored, green shells put you off. I actually found them to be quite beautiful looking especially in person. They taste very similar to normal mussels, they are just a lot larger than we usually see in the States and very sweet & juicy – YUM! My mussels were prepared in a green-curry sauce, which seemed to be a popular method of preparation for this type of mussels (I saw it prepped on the menu this way at several places). I’m not a huge curry fan, but the sauce was not too spicy or overwhelmingly curry /coconut-oriented, so I was very pleased.

**note – unfortunately, this is not my picture. My phone died just before my food came out!



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